By using words and images that evoke a sense of disorientation and the notion of the spaces in-between, this project attempts to consider mobility and identity as it is articulated by technology and the social impacts of the 21st century. This blog is a documentation of the project at www.swipe.name

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The storm was approaching the airport
She kept staring out the glass windows at the tarmac, hoping the time would pass more quickly.

Over two hours had elapsed since she arrived at the airport, and there was still around five hours to go until he connecting flight.

She felt very alone, and wished she was already on her way home. The weeks in the foriegn country had exhausted her - too many things lost in translation - too many times having no one to share her adventures.

Even though she had not yet departed, waiting at the airport made her feel like she had already left this place and was one step closer to home.


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