By using words and images that evoke a sense of disorientation and the notion of the spaces in-between, this project attempts to consider mobility and identity as it is articulated by technology and the social impacts of the 21st century. This blog is a documentation of the project at www.swipe.name

Thursday, August 31, 2006


swipe card

The scanner recognised her card and gave her access to the building.

She felt relieved as her card didn't work last week and would not let her in.

As her contract had been renewed, she went to the security desk to explain the whole story, but for some reason the security guard didn't believe her.

Feeling annoyed, she asked to call her supervisor to come and let her in.

'Well - I suppose so' the guard replied, looking at her suspiciously.

'This is silly' she complained, 'You say hello to me every morning!'


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